Cool Clover
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Cool Clover TrifoliumAll types of Cool Clover Trifolium are year round good and easy to care for. The clover plants are winter hardy. They only lose their leaves from -10 ˚C downwards and survive until -30 ˚C. But they feel perfectly at home under the summer sun, too. Though they will do fine anywhere, they have a preference for the sunny areas of your balcony, terrace, or garden.

Autumn / winter

No need for care, rain water is enough for the plants.

Spring / summer

Water potted plants regularly. In case of water shortage, the leaves will wilt and become yellow. After a fresh water supply the wilted leaves will recover. From April to September: add some fertiliser now and then. In case of too luxuriant growth: casual trimming.

Cool Clover flowers
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