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Cool Clover TrifoliumMany legends and mythological stories are passed on, in which the white clover plays a part. In stories, the threefold shape of the clover leaf often represents the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit/faith, hope, and love). Finding a clover with four leaves is said to bring good luck and prosperity. A four-leaf clover is a universal symbol for good luck. Those four leaves are taken to represent faith, hope, love, and luck.

National symbol of Ireland

In Ireland, where the majority of the population is catholic, the clover leaf has been adopted as a national symbol. Ireland's patron saint, Saint Patrick, according to lore used the clover plant to explain to king Aengus of Ireland the essence of the Holy Trinity. On the national Holiday St. Patrick’s Day (17 March) everyone of Irish descent traditionally wears a green clover leaf, in honour of their country and patron saint.

The clover leaf features in many Irish pieces of jewellery and souvenirs, as well as in the masthead of a great number of Irish businesses.

A few well-known legends

In Welsh mythology ('The Mabinogion'), the white clover is mentioned as the epitome of beauty. The King Arthur-legend ‘Cullwck and olwen or the twrch trwyth’ tells the story of King Arthur's nephew, that wants to wed the beautiful Olwen (daughter of the giant Yspaddaden Penkawr). Olwen was so beautiful, that she left a trail of white clover in her trail, wherever she went.

In several legends and sagas mention is made of white clover as a magic ingredient. White clover sorrel supposedly helped against witches and poisonous animals, and was thought to ward off the spell of undesired love potions. In Antiquity, clover sorrel was used to render weapons infallible, simply by rubbing them with the herb.

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