Cool Clover
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Cool Clover TrifoliumCool Clover Trifolium is important for bio-diversity. The clover plants bind nitrogen in the atmosphere directly, and – in combination with ground bacteria – thus enrich the soil. In addition, they suppress the growth of unwanted weeds.

When blooming, the clover plants' white flowers attract bees and bumblebees. These insects use the flowers' nectar for the production of clover honey. Clover honey is opaque, easy to spread, and has a delicate taste with hints of caramel. Children, but also adults, are usually quite fond of it. Clover honey is also quite healthy, and helps against high blood pressure, stomach disorders, and liver ailments.

Cool Clover Trifolium is grown with care and attention by a Dutch family business, in possession of MPS-A, MPS-SQ, and MPS-GAP certifications, among others. Growing and production processes comply, therefore, with all sustainability and environmental requirements. As an example, the growing water used, including the fertiliser it contains, is recycled, and for the growing of Cool Clover Trifolium we make predominant use of biological crop protection products.

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