Cool Clover
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Cool Clover Trifolium

Cool Clover TrifoliumCool Clover Trifolium is a great addition to your garden, terrace or balcony. This winter hardy clover is both elegant and strongly structured. With its fine, heart-shaped leaves in pretty warm hues, it is a striking presence out-doors that you'll be able to enjoy assuredly the whole year round. So let's call it an elegant diva that is perfectly able to take care of itself, that feels at home anywhere, and only in the summer asks for some extra water.

Characteristics of Cool Clover Trifolium:

  • Six decorative warm hues

    Cool Clover Trifolium is available in six decorative warm hues: nearly black, red, sea green, grass green, and two composite colours: green/red and black/green.

  • Winter hardy

    Cool Clover Trifolium survives an old-fashioned, extreme winter with ease; the plant only loses its leaves from -10 ˚C and below, and it survives as low as -30 ˚C.

  • Little maintenance - year round good

    Cool Clover Trifolium requires little maintenance, and only wants some weekly extra water in summer. If it grows too luxuriantly, it can be trimmed easily.

  • Feels at home anywhere

    Cool Clover Trifolium grows well in the border areas, covers the ground well for potted and free-range plants, for example as an eyecatcher on the garden table.

  • Sustainable cultivation

    For the cultivation of Cool Clover Trifolium we make use of predominantly biological crop protection products.

Cool Clover flowers
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